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At SSC we build better bodies. We eat well and train smart, for noticeable results that last. Join us and watch your body change.

Imagine living in a body that FEELS strong, more shapely and sexy again. Get back on track with workouts that are are smart, efficient, metabolic, tried and true.

We focus on mobility and stability. Lengthening while strengthening to prevent future injuries and helping clients move with confidence. We train the body for the way it moves.

Mindset is KEY. True results come with reprogramming that little voice in your head. Ready to change your story? That 'aha' moment is where the momentum begins.

Christina De Wilde
Certified Personal Trainer

helping transform lives with customized programs that work

Christina de Wilde has been coaching and training for over 35 years, with over 70 different health, fitness, and wellness certifications. If you would like to see the impressive list of certifications check it out here.

My specialty? guiding you to change your path. Getting to the root of the self sabotage and creating a fresh perspective. From moms to celebrities, to busy business professionals...join me and learn how to craft a strong nourishing food plan and a workouts that suit your body, your goals, age, needs and wants. It's about LIFESTYLE.

At SSC it is also about FEELING GOOD, feeling empowered and present in a community where you are supported. It's not hard when you decide to get out of your own way.

Born in BC, Christina has lived and trained clients in Victoria, BC; Valencia, California; and now Kelowna, BC. Always interested in fitness, nutrition and the human body, she studied Human Performance and Nutritional Biochemistry at UVIC, along with a fair amount of Psychology. Forever a student, this is truly my passion.

Most of us share the same challenges: life, family, stress, mid-life stuff, hormonal changes...you know, all the things that can easily derail us. You are the creator of your own story, show up with your desire to change your health, allow me to guide you, and help you stay accountable, that's what I do best.

For those that would like a bit more history. While attending UVIC, Christina learned a ton while working with a Doctor and Psychologist at a Medical Weight Loss & Wellness Clinic. After that she took a position as the Wellness Director of a well known Fitness Chain. She supervised eight wellness clinics, for nine years before deciding to start her own business in 1993. She has never looked back.

A self proclaimed 'fitness and health nerd", she became even more inspired to pursue a career in yoga, pilates and corrective exercise after her experience rehabilitating from two car accidents. "Yoga and pilates have truly changed the way I see fitness and recovery. I wouldn't be running around having so much FUN at 55 without these two staples. The combination of movement and strength will keep me going for a long long time!"

Exercise is Medicine, so is Real Whole Food and the Breathe. “I cannot be the trainer for everyone, those who resonate with me, find me.”

Christina is genuine and relentlessly positive. Her specialty is working with women during the '40+ hormone years' and beyond. We all want results, lasting results. Learning how to outsmart the female fat cell, or any fat cell for that matter, comes down to what we eat (nourishing whole food), how we workout (smart, efficient and metabolic workouts) and how we find balance (do the inner work) to have sustainable results. That formula varies for each individual, It's absolutely doable. Who doesn't want to get fit, lean and happy?!

At SSC we build better bodies. We eat well and train smart, for noticeable results that last. Join us and watch your body change.

Christina de Wilde