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I coach personal training clients towards shedding old habits that are not working and creating fresh new habits to carry forward with health, strength and ease. Ease around food, body image and life.

One of the most positive, game-changing things we can do for our success and goals is to change the image & concept we have of ourselves.

What does it mean to live a carefree, moderate, healthy and relaxed life?

This communication comes in response to the Public Health Order (PHO). We would like to take this opportunity to update you on new processes and what you can expect.

Yoga is for EVERYBODY and Every Body.

As a mom I have struggled at times to spend money and time on myself.

Life has No Pause Button, maintaining health and wellness in challenging circumstances is just part of the equation these days.

If you are having trouble getting lean or your health is sub par and you just can’t seem to stay motivated to exercise and eat a healthy nutrient dense diet, consider the source.

Imagine how amazing it would feel to (finally) wake up in the morning knowing you have a strategy to help you get strong and lean, a plan you can stick to that shapes your body for Life.

Yes, believe it or not Christina De Wilde has received over 70 different certifications. She is forever a student.

The ability to age with health and wellness is rarely a thing of chance. It takes dedication, commitment and consistency in all the things: nutrition, movement and mindset. It is a commitment to self, a promise to self, and one that we need to take seriously.

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