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SSC Fitness Personal Trainer Kelowna

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SSC Fitness Personal Trainer Kelowna

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Strength Training Transforms Us

For most of us the goal is to AGE WELL and strength training truly enhances our quality of life.

  • Want a robust metabolism? Increase your lean muscle.
  • Strength training increases bone density, and we can benefit at ANY age.
  • It can help take the edge off of menopausal symptoms, it boosts our hormone levels and helps balance them.
  • Energy levels increase, blood sugar is more stable.
  • Better balance, reducing the risk of falls and extending our independence.
  • Improved mood, reduced anxiety
  • Improved body image, increased self esteem
  • Strength training also enhances brain health,and slows cognitive decline.

It takes commitment and consistency, that's where SSC Fitness training can help.

  • Smart efficient movement
  • Positive mindset
  • Lots of encouragement
  • Accountability
  • And FUN, movement should feel good

We only get one body, decide how you want to age. It's absolutely a CHOICE. I plan to age well, travel often and live a vibrant life, what about you?

My job is to help you feel and look your BEST! To age with confidence, with STRENGTH. Check out our small group classes with like-minded participants or contact me to set up a customized plan via personal training, the support is here. 

With 30+ years of experience, I know what works...and what doesn't. As we age, the game changes, so we adjust accordingly. My 55 year old self doesn't train like my 20 something self, and why would I want to?! 

It's my hope that you will decide to create a healthy, strong, lean body safely and efficiently. Because YOU CAN. I am here to help.

SSC Fitness Classes Kelowna


Our bodies are designed to move and stretch daily. Imagine living in a body that is strong, vibrant and pain free again. Imagine feeling confident and energized at 50, 60, 70 and beyond. 

The benefits of stretching are many:

  • Improves our performance in physical activities and decreases muscle stiffness/soreness
  • Preventss Back Pain and improves balance. Imagine an easier, less restricted golf swing or tennis serve - functional abilities, such as reaching, bending, or simply picking something off the ground become easier
  • Stretching also improves posture
  • Helps manage stress and decreases your risk of injury

It really should be part of everyone's lifestyle. Without flexibility, movement isn't going to be easy or enjoyable. When movement isn't enjoyable, or worse, if it's difficult, we are going to be less likely to exercise regularly, which is crucial for our WELL-BEING.

We offer low impact, fusion style classes where a combination of fitness modalities are 'fused' together for the best results. Rhythm. Strength. Yoga. Barre. Pilates....the possibilities are endless.

Decide to keep your mobility and do ALL THE THINGS! We have FUN while we get fit, and keep our flexibility. Join us and FEEL the difference for yourself!

Isn't it time? So many people are walking around tired, not sleeping well, living a LOW-ENERGY life with poor nutrition and little to no activity. Step up and change it. We all need to move our bodies safely and efficiently.

Our bodies are changing, our workouts need to as well.Wouldn't you rather Love Your Life?

At SSC we use evidenced-based exercise and lifestyle nutrition to help you achieve optimal health and FEEL GOOD again. We aim for that in every class and private session.

Decide to age well and feel good in your own skin. I am here to help you appreciate your most important asset...your health!


They say “take care of your mind, and the body will follow”, but that is easy to say and often challenging to cultivate. Many of us try to get there from the opposite direction, body first, hoping the mind will follow. Full disclosure, that was me.

Your first true love should really be yourself, but sometimes we have forgotten that, or we have put ourselves at the bottom of the list. Movement is medicine, it is powerful, but only part of the equation. I encourage everyone to take the time to be mindful, to connect back to their true selves, relax, de-stress and unwind from the day. Show up for yourself, take back your life and watch your health improve.

Finding that calm centered place helps improve sleep quality, it improves brain health, reduces anxiety, decreases inflammation in the body and more. Learning to let go, to release stress and anything that blocks us from getting to that peaceful place of ease is a journey. Feeling healthy and happy, resilient, positive and empowered is possible. I am here to help support you.

Personal Training Sessions Available

Want REAL RESULTS FAST? Get a customized plan designed for your unique health goals. Workout WHEN you want, HOW you want with the entire studio and all the attention DEDICATED to you. No DISTRACTIONS.
This is the most efficient route to get you there. With 30+ years of experience, no gimmicks, just what works.

SSC Fitness Classes Kelowna

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SSC Fitness Classes Kelowna
SSC Fitness Classes KelownaSSC Fitness Classes KelownaSSC Fitness Classes Kelowna
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SSC Fitness Classes Kelowna
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SSC Fitness Classes Kelowna
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SSC Fitness Classes Kelowna
SSC Fitness Classes Kelowna
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