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Christina de Wilde

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The ability to age well is rarely a thing of chance. It takes dedication, commitment and consistency. Nutrition, Movement and Mindset. There is always something we have not learned, there is always another level to attain.
When I train or coach clients we look at the longer vision, lifestyle and how you want to live, move and be for the next 30 years. Fitness can absolutely be FUN once you get out of your own way.
For a customize plan based on your unique goals, needs and wants start here.

Christina de Wilde
Get Fit ~ Get Focused ~ Get Results


Need a little help with your technique or would you like a customized program designed for your unique goals? It's all about you!

Christina is experienced and has specialties in Corrective Exercise, Active Aging for Seniors, Yoga, Pilates and Nutrition.​  When you come to SSC Fitness for a Personal Training session you have the entire studio to yourself.

Life is always sending us challenges, twists and turns.  This is how we grow and evolve. Take responsibility for your health. Commit to Fit and go beyond more than movement modifications, learn how movement ties into healthy living for a vibrant, active life. Age well, age smarter.

Train virtually from wherever you are or in private at the SSC Fitness studio.

Single Private Session $80
​10 60 Min Private Training Sessions $700 ($70/session)
10 45 Min Express Private Training Sessions $500 ($50/session)

Share the Cost

Personal Training

Share the cost of a Personal Trainer with a friend, spouse or co-worker and get all the attention and RESULTS for half the price. You will still get the entire SSC Fitness studio exclusively, with all the attention you need, all the accountability but with a friend or spouse it ups the FUN factor!

Shared PT 10-Pack $350 Each  ($700 Total)
(Virtual / In Studio or Gym / Your Location)

My services features

personal coaching

Personalized plan created just for you and your goals

Starting Point

Body Composition Test to track progress and set goals


Starting Point to build motivation with monthly reassessments


Before and after photos for visual motivation

Scheduling Flexibility

In Person or Virtual Training Options that fit into your schedule

Nutritional Guidance

Guidance on the path to clean nutrition, finding balance.