22 Things to Do in 2022

1. Move your Body Everyday, take a Virtual class, go to a new studio ...

January 14, 2022

1. Move your Body Everyday, take a Virtual class, go to a new studio. Get outside whenever possible. There is simply something special about a walk in theForest, by the Lake, Ocean or right now…out in the Snow ❄️

2. Avoid food dyes (dyes are simply bad for us, and there are more natural options).

3. Stop buying pre-shredded cheese (it is covered in wood pulp and natamycin, an anti-mold chemical) 🙄

4. Avoid Tylenol (it reduces glutathione, it’s very hard on the liver, and for many it can actually prolong illnesses).

5. Get 10-15 minutes of sunshine everyday (it's the best source of vitamin D). Most of us are very low in Vitamin D nowadays which is linked to depression, low energy and more.

6. Go easy on the sunscreen (if you need it, choose a natural option like mineral based). Our skin cannot make vitamin D if you wear chemical laden synthetic sunscreen. Wear a hat, and stay in the shade of an umbrella instead. But do try to get a little bit of natural vitamin D each day.

7. Walk outside barefoot. Maybe not in the snow 😂 but soon, It is grounding, can reduce anxiety and support our immune system.

8. Drink more water, alkaline water if possible. Most of us don't get enough, and water hydrates the body, naturally detoxes and can help balance our appetite. We are mostly water after all 💦

9. Reduce or avoid sugar (there's no benefit to bleached, white sugar which is completely devoid of nutrients). Try to minimize natural sugars too. Sugar is addictive and affects our metabolic health. Sugar is the #1 inflammatory culprit. Cutback and you will Feel Better 🤗

10. Say what you mean, and mean what you say (be straight forward and honest about your feelings and boundaries, skip the games).

11.Get rid of it the fake fibre supplements and laxatives. They have potentially serious side effects, including neurological issues, and really, they aresimply covering up an underlying issue. Check into magnesium, natural fiber supplements, and gut healing instead. Increase your intake of vegetables andconsult with a specialist to find out if you have food sensitivities that would be best to cut back on.  

12. Try more prebiotic and probiotic foods, incorporate them more regularly (they support your immune system, promote gut health, and more). They say “The Gut is the 2nd Brain” 🧠

13. Go to bed when you're tired (the dishes will wait another day; your health matters more). Most of us are chronically sleep deprived, and it affects our health so much.

14. Learn to say no -- sometimes. Help people when and where you can, but don't violate your own boundaries to do it.

15. Buy loose leaf tea and create your own blends. Many tea bags are bleached, and aren't very cost effective. Learn to wild craft herbs from your yard(dandelions are a good place to start; the whole plant is edible. Good for your liver and rich in vitamins and minerals). There are many many plants in our own backyards full of nutrition! Obviously don’t spray them with chemicals either.

16. Learn to make a new recipe (find something that you love premade and figure out how to make it yourself, yes, from scratch. It will be healthier and probably tastier!)

17. Make DIY bone or vegetable broth (incorporate onions, garlic, bay leaves, astragalus root, and mushrooms for immune support and flavor)

18. Research something new (pick a topic you've always wanted to know about and ask questions). Always always be learning and keep your brain healthy and strong.

19. Question ingredients more. Read labels and google the big words. 🙄 Warning, you may be shocked at what is in some things!

20. Banish some of the mainstream cleaning, body and hygiene products (many contains ingredients that may cause cancer, skin irritation, hormone disruptions and more). Look for more natural alternatives, they are easy to find.

21. Go makeup free more often. You’re beautiful just the way you are, and most makeup contains a lot of unsafe ingredients. When you do want make up, look for mineral based make up, go chemical free.

22. Embrace positive thinking as much as you can (we've all been through a lot in the last two years, we can do better). Take a few minutes everyday to just breathe and embrace the quiet.


What would you add?


❤️ Christina


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