Carefree, moderate, healthy and relaxed

What does it mean to live a carefree, moderate, healthy and relaxed life?

November 15, 2021

**What does it mean to live a carefree, moderate, healthy and relaxed life?**

You will still have challenges.

You may still worry about money sometimes.

You will still argue with your spouse.

You will still worry about your kids.

You will still experience disappointment or sadness on occasion.

To live a carefree life means your heart is open, you trust yourself, you push through failure until you succeed.

It means you are tenacious and dedicated, because you have a higher vision for your health, your body and your self worth.

It means you take ownership of your own health. The choice is yours.

It's about doing the Physical Work & the Inner Work, each and every day. It’s deciding to surround yourself with like minded peers and mentors, because they have been there too.

It's not based on “arriving”, the success is in the journey itself.

When you are dedicated to your personal health journey, you come through the storm and feel refreshed, grateful and proud because you didn't give up.

You know there will be future storms, maybe many, and that's okay. Each time a storm comes you are heading into more growth and more learning.

That is what is on the other side of struggle.

The struggle is what shapes you, makes you stronger, and when the next struggle comes, you are standing tall and strong and you are ready. You've got this.

If you are struggling with your health, your weight, your fitness, and your confidence please don't stay living in the struggle.

Sometimes we stay living in the struggle, and carry a story in our heads that “it is too hard, I can't do it."

You just haven't been shown another way, and easier way that lifts you out of the storm and into a place of acceptance and awareness.

When you operate from this more positive place you are moving through with an empowered sense of self. The results all fall into place. And it simply feels right. It feels good to feel good!

We cannot create health, happiness, ease and joy from the bottom of the barrel, from guilt, shame, fear or anger.

When you are lifted up FIRST, and re-start your journey of health improvement from that place, it's a whole new game.

Consider trying another way, consider getting Strong Stretched & Centered. I've been guiding clients towards their health and fitness journeys for decades.

Stay Fit & Be Well.

Never stop believing.

You are sooo worth it ❤️


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