GLUTES are our POWER HOUSE muscles

November 12, 2022

Having a strong booty not only helps improve posture, it can significantly enhance injury prevention as well. They are one of the strongest muscles in the body and are absolutely required in movements involving the hips and thighs. Everything from simply standing up, to sitting down, and well, even walking requires your glutes. Without the glutes, these activities are almost impossible.

Many people take their glutes for granted. Having weak, inhibited or tight glutes can cause more problems than people realize. Many muscle imbalances and lower back problems stem from weak glutes.

To fully develop our glutes, the training needs to focus on three elements:

  1. waking up your glutes
  2. glute-specific movements
  3. targeting all three muscles

With all three exercise strategies in all three planes of motion.

And I am not just talking about squats and lunges. If you want stronger, rounder, more shapely glutes come try our GLUTE LAB class or book a PRIVATE session.

Once you learn what works, you can implement the exercises on your own anytime.

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