Have you ever had to cut down on spending for a trade-off that was worth it?

Here is a story/testimonial from one of our SSC gals.

June 20, 2022

Here is a story/testimonial from one of our SSC gals.

I got a divorce, I went on a spending spree. I would tell myself that I just needed time to myself, and I would end up at the mall, putting purchases on my credit card. It took me years to be able to say that I was overspending because I didn’t like how I looked. This was a very hard realization, but I challengedm yself to stop spending on my more frivolous outside appearance for a year— no extra makeup, miraculous skin care, no tanning, no new clothes I didn’t need, no wine club- and I decided to focus on getting myself healthy and strong. The real goal: to get that sense of self back.


I signed up for personal training twice a week. I met with Christina and got my cardio in on the other days. This was an investment in myself that I had wanted for a long time, but never thought I deserved. Personal training isn’t cheap, but with my crazy schedule I needed the flexibility and I needed the accountability. We worked out when it worked for me. And let me tell you, Christina can get A-LOT into that one hour session. Along the way she guided me to healthier nutrition choices. Nothing crazy, Christina says that never really works long term. We have to do the work, and some of that is inner work I found out.


In the process, I learned to love every aspect of myself. I started to channel my spending towards things that really did matter, like memories and experiences with my family. I decided to put my health and longevity first. New habits for a new lifestyle I can stay with forever.


Tara T


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