What does 54 feel like? 

September 1, 2022

What does 54 feel like?

It feels better than 50, way better than 45….and a whole lot better than 40.

Honest, I have no aches or pains, and going through menopause was a breeze. Consistent exercise, a healthy moderate diet and lots of good friends to keep me balanced.


I know who I am.
I feel confident.
I feel alive.
I am healthy.
I not afraid to take a few risks.
I forgive and let live much faster these days.
I am leaning in to personal growth whenever I can.
I judgeless, and embrace more.


I have persevered through this life, through obstacles and many amazing adventures. ALWAYS learning and growing.


I have stared stereotypical conditionings and pre conceived roles in the face and decided ‘I am just as worthy and just as powerful as you. You will not put medown or hold me back’.


I am worthy.

I am strong.

I am resilient.

I am tenacious.

I know it. But I don't need to advertise it. I don’t need it to define me, the KNOWING is enough.


The body ages. That is the simple truth. As we learn to live within the ebb and flow, the goal is to continue to build health, strength, resilience and feed our cells well. Honour the body with movement that is efficient and feels good.


I don’t mess with any of it. What we have is a Gift. What we are is a gift to the World. Moderation in all things.


And WE matter. YOU matter. We affect others with who we are.


Beliefs change. They are supposed to change. Its called growth and wisdom.


Values don't change.

What do you value?


Are you valuable enough to grow, challenge, step outside of your comfort zone?


Nothing good happens inside your comfort zone.


Anyone can become addicted to the warm, lazy comfort zone place….not risking, not growing, not challenging, not learning ... growing softer as we age, in oh so many ways.


Life has taught me that the greatest lessons have come from the biggest challenges. And therein my motto was created, and it continues to steer my world: Never give up.


Because I'm worth it, and so are you.


Step into it.

You can't wait to feel brave before you move. That’s not how it works.


We build courage by stepping into fear.
I like to call call it 'couraging'.
We learn to swim by swimming.
We learn to courage by couraging.


Every decision is a choice, and that choice is a decision on your life, how you wantto feel, move and be.


If you decide to NOT move, not lean in, not grow and learn and expand your worldand who you are and who you can become...


That is a decision too. Inaction or Inertia is a decision to stay put, to ‘stay inthe stuck-ness’.


Decide. Then go after it.


You don't need to know or see all the steps, they will show up for you. Just start moving your energy in the right direction. But let’s be 100% clear, YOU need tomake the first move.


The people and resources will fall in your lap. Because you asked for it.


Will you stay on the periphery, or will you step in?


I highly recommend stepping in.



Coach Christina


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