We tend to lose muscle mass (red) and gain fatty mass (surrounding white)

November 12, 2022

This pic (from a BBC show about Health & Ageing) illustrates how body composition changes as we age. We tend to lose muscle mass (red) and gain fatty mass (surrounding white)

Reduced muscle mass, strength, and power result in reduced mobility, quality of life, and the capacity to recover from illness as you age. From a mental health standpoint reduced muscle mass can also give us the blues.

People commonly lose muscle mass because they simply don’t use their muscles enough—the good news is you can fix that!

There’s a simple solution ~ Strength training

Sarcopenia is muscle wasting, and strength training is muscle building. Resistance training helps you age better. It’s a simple enough equation.

No matter how old you are, you are never too old to start. I’ve seen clients of all ages get results and increase their strength, balance and mobility.

Yoga utilizes your body’s own weight to strengthen your body, making it cost-effective and aligned with the efficiency and effectiveness of human design. Movement is your birthright. We’ve been moving since we crawled out of the womb. You don’t need the latest clothing, shoes, or workout gadgets to get started. If you’re a yoga lover, like me, it’s also helpful to supplement your yoga with dumbbells, resistance bands, and other movement styles that challenge your strength in different ways. Get your doctor’s blessing to begin, and work with a qualified professional who can guide you with form.

When you move, you set off a beautiful cascade of healing biochemistry that benefits your body and mind. Your muscles aren’t just there to move you from house to car to couch to bed.

MUSCLES are your hidden healing power.


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