Real Life Testimonial - Rose

Rose was 50, frustrated with her weight for a long time.

March 4, 2022

Rose was 50, frustrated with her weight for a long time. Menopause had thrown her for an extra loop. For years, she had tried to lose the weight, trying one fad diet after the other, nothing seemed to work long term. The results were temporary at best. Her metabolism had become ‘soft’ and unresponsive after years of ‘yo yo’ dieting. And to top it off her body stored fat like nobody’s business.

We started with measurements and body fat %, not weight. We changed her training to focus on body strengthening and shaping which was one of her goals. We added a bit more structure into her meals (timing, portions, and more nutrient dense foods). With these simple changes, her body learned to ‘let go’ of the weight nd she was seeing shape in her body, feeling stronger and more confident. Her posture changed and she felt good. She is once again enjoying carbs in moderation. No guilt. She eats to nourish her body and allows herself her favourite foods in moderation when and how she wants. There is no ‘cheating’ because now she listens to what her body needs. This goes for exercise too, we train harder when the energy is there. Lighter with more volume when it’s not. And we mix it up. This keeps her metabolism stoked and her body (and spirit)happy…no suffering.

Rose’s journey is a lifelong strategy that is simple and sustainable, and fits her goals and her life! Bravo Rose.

The Stats: Rose is down 14 pounds, down 12 inches (6 inches off her waist alone, which was her most self conscious body part). Her bodyfat went from 32% to 22%.She is feeling strong, energized, and loving the journey of health and true wellness.

If you want to know more about SSC’s unique approach, please contact Christina anytime. She specializes in the unique needs of the 40+ woman, call, email, message or sign up for a class.

We train smart, eat well and feel good in our bodies. It’s about deciding to Make the Time to take care of Yourself. Decide to age well and age beautifully.


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