SSC Smoothie Recipes

A delicious treat and great for after school with your kids too.

April 18, 2022

A delicious treat and great for after school with your kids too.

Tip : Get a good quality blender *a “Vitamix” would be your top choice, have had mine for over 20 years, but use whatever you have.

There is no wrong way to make a smoothie. Use the recipes below as guides. Add what you like to make it suit you. Depending on your flavour profile you may like it colder or thicker or spicy or sweet. Everyone is different. Have fun and feel free to get creative.

Chocolate Banana for 2

2 heaping TBSP of almond butter (raw organic)

2-4 heaping TBSP raw organic cocoa powder or cacao powder (or a combination)

1 frozen banana *peel and freeze in chunks when your banana get ripe

1 TBSP cinnamon

1 1/2 C unsweetened oat/soy/almond milk depending on what you like and what you have

So yummy, combine all of these in a nice big blender. Add water and/or ice for the right personal consistency. The “raw” suggestion for the cocoa powder and cacao powder is to give you more nutrient punch. This is full of antioxidants, flavonoids, helps improve blood flow, and diminished the effects of oxidative image. Instead of cinnamon you can also add 1/2 C fresh mint leaves. Tastes great and mint is so easy to grow in a planter on the deck.

Coconut Purple Power for 2

1/2 C red beets (fresh) or 1 heaping TBSP organic beet powder

1 C dark red frozen organic cherries

1 C frozen organic blueberries

1 C Coconut milk (unsweetened)

2 TBSP organic chia seeds *this adds fibre and thickens everything up. Use less or more depending on what you like.

Blend and add Ice/Water to get the perfect personal consistency

*Add 1/2 tsp of spirulina to take it to the next level for nutrition

Morning Sunshine for 2

1 C frozen organic mango

1 C frozen organic papaya

3 TBSP Fresh chopped ginger

Juice of one large lime (or 2 small)

1/2 C plain organic greek yogurt OR unsweetened yogurt alternative OR 1 scoop plant based

protein powder

1 C organic orange juice (fresh if you have it)

Blend and add ice and water to get the perfect personal consistency. Full of Vitamin C and probiotics, this will make your immune system smile.

Green & Minty Goblin for 2

1 large organic green apple

2 C organic baby kale

1 C fresh mint leaves

1 C frozen organic pineapple

1/2 organic avacado

Blend and add lots of water and ice to this, usually 1 1/2 C OR to make a “smoothie bowl’ leave out the water and add more avocado to make it thick and creamy. Sprinkle with granola or nuts and seeds to make it next level.


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