The Mom Struggle

As a mom I have struggled at times to spend money and time on myself.

August 2, 2022

As a mom I have struggled at times to spend money and time on myself. Whether it was buying that new pair of running shoes when I was getting each of my kids new shoes, or ski equipment or even updating my clothes. I even felt guilty taking the time to take a class, especially when my kids were little.

Investing in myself seemed like something I didn’t deserve. My kids, other people’s needs, the family, groceries, vet bills etcetera were all more important than me.

I realized part of my dilemma was that:

a) I wasn’t making myself a priority

b) I didn’t want to seem selfish

c) I was afraid that If I invested in myself in any way it would take away from other people/my family.

d) And that if I did invest in myself I might give up part way through, I was afraid of failing.

Failure to me looked like:

  • not reaching those body composition and health goals
  • not having enough time to get a good workout in
  • not sticking with the nutrition plan, falling off, binge eating and then feeling guilty about it
  • not being consistent with the workouts

Then I had a lightbulb moment.

How can you really take care of anyone else if you don’t take care of yourself?

How can you show your kids what it takes to achieve a goal if you don’t do it yourself? And aren’t willing to?

How can you pass on healthy habits if you are not willing to eat well and nourish yourself?

How can you expect your kids to be active individuals if you are not making fitness a priority?

How will you ever be the best version of yourself if you keep quitting on yourself?

How will you ever achieve your goals if you don’t set boundaries and learn to prioritize yourself?

So…in order to take care of myself I decided to be the woman I was destined to be. In order to give to others the way I wanted to, I needed to fill my own cup too. I learned to practice self care. I learned to work on the inner me and the inner chatter. I learned to address the limiting beliefs. I learned to fail forward and never ever quit. I learned it was okay to struggle. I learned there is no perfect. I learned to make the time. I learned the most efficient ways to workout. I learned to eat whole nourishing food. I learned to make myself a priority and that this was not optional.

So…go buy those shoes, go book that class, go hire that coach/trainer, go get a pass at Big White and invest in yourself. Life is worth living well. Invest in yourself, your health and well being. You are the best investment you will ever make.

xoxoxo Christina


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