Tired? Burnt-Out? Overwhelmed? Time for a Reset.

If you are feeling tired, bunt-out and overwhelmed here are a few things you can do to reset yourself.

August 2, 2022

If you are feeling tired, bunt-out and overwhelmed here are a few things you can do to reset yourself.


This took me awhile to learn, it definitely didn’t come naturally, so I had to practice 😉.


More than once I have wanted to keep working but my body simply shut down. I couldn’t think, I was exhausted, emotional and I simply crashed. I actually had to cancel everything and sleep all day. 🤯


I had been working for myself for so long, helping others helps me, and I LOVE it, but I had developed a bad habit of overworking and under resting. Our bodies and minds need space to do their best work. Your muscles need days off to repair, build, get stronger and metabolically more efficient.


If this is you, then it’s time to decide to take strategic pauses. Here are a few ways that I personally practice this. I am getting better, it’s a process for sure.


I’ll just say this straight: your crucial self-care moments are not going to make themselves. You have to Choose them, choose your health and wellness. Choose to follow your natural rhythms over everyone and everything else -regularly. It doesn’t take long, but it does take Consistency.


Try these:


🥱Take a 5 minute “power down”, where you sit or lie down, close your eyes, and Completely Relax. This is shown by many experts to refresh your brain almost as if you’ve just taken a nap.


💃🏼: If you sit at work, standup, circle both arms around, and do a little Stretch Refresh. Aim for once every hour. This can offset some of the negative effects of sitting.


🌿Create a Green Zone: a spot in your house with lots of plants, stones, candles and inspiring items - and a meditation seat all set up. Sit there for 3-5 minutes at a time, breathe in the good air, and notice all the pretty things in front of you and all the space between & around your thoughts. And yes, 3-5 minutes is Effective.


❤️🔥No matter what (unless you’re sick), get your heart pumping5-6 days a week. I’ll always suggest my Yoga Fusion & Fitness classes, since they’re a little bit of everything, but do whatever calls to you! Movement should feel good, we all need to move daily, sometimes harder sometimes softer. Both are Beneficial.


These are easy to implement, follow SSC for more Tips.🙏🏻


Be Well,



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