What does healthy lifestyle mean?

To me, it means getting comfortable with the basics:

November 12, 2022

To me, it means getting comfortable with the basics: high quality food, hydration, good sleep and daily attention to movement and mindset.

It means busting the belief that ageing is going to be hard, that hormones are to blame, or that weight gain is inevitable.

These are simply not true.

What matters is consistency and commitment to the basics. At SSC we help you learn to stay active with efficiency and fun. Working out because it feels good!

When you look around and see how the majority ages (at40, 50, 60+) and you are determined to age smarter, with grace, care and awareness, that’s a LIFESTYLE mindset.

Being able to stay strong and lean, flexible and pain free. Who doesn’t want that?

It means having a strong metabolism at our 'vintage' age, having a great relationship with food, eating to build cellular health, moving to stay supple and energized and having a powerful mindset bubbling with purpose and passion.

Join us and FEEL strong, empowered and healthy in all the ways. Strong Stretched Centered.

We may have some work to do....don't worry...it won't hurt a bit. In fact, I think you'll like how you feel ...

and of course the RESULTS!


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