Wisdom of the body

Mindset baby!

January 3, 2022

Mindset baby! Your body is related to your mind. It takes a desire to start living from the inside, to be aware and able to tap into the wisdom of the body. 

When I work with a client that is struggling with 'getting into' her workout, it is rarely ever about lack of time. It's really a belief system, an internal 'push back', a deflection of sorts, coming from her Self Identity.

For many, they don't see themselves as ‘important enough’, so they don’t make the commitment.

For others, they falter in their motivation because they aren't seeing results fast enough. Real results that Last come a little bit at a time. We live in a high tech world of ‘Instant’, but our health and wellness doesn’t work that way.

And still for others, there is an event or injury that caused them to ‘fall off’ their exercise routine, and they never quite got back into it...”life” slowly crept back in.

We have to Make the Time.

Most of my most successful clients are also the busiest. Read that again. 

Often the problem is a shaky belief system that is not in alignment with the goals. Mindset baby. Not motivation.

A more intuitive mindset where we think about doing the body good, where we honour what feels good, that works Every Time.

Consider looking within more, find a Coach or Trainer that works this way. Instead of looking ‘out there' in the world of diets, fasting, carbs etc. Those are deflections, and they are confusing and a lot of work.

To be perfectly honest, it gets easier and easier. The results last and it is simply so dang nice to Feel Good in our own Bodies. exercise and Nourishment for health is a Lifestyle, it is an Attitude.

And the good news is a strong, grounded, confident mindset ripples into ALL parts of our lives.

It's a beautiful way to live. And it's available to everyone at any time.





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