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Yoga is for EVERYBODY and Every Body.

November 8, 2021

Yoga is for EVERYBODY and Every Body. Let me introduce myself, and what I teach. I teach yoga and fitness, fitness and yoga fused together. To me, yoga is a personal mindfulness practice, and within that, a conscious, self-respectful and spiritually connective form of exercise and how each person chooses to play that out in their own lives is theirs.

When you stop in to see me at the studio or join me Virtually or participate in an On Demand class expect to see me offering creative and efficient ways to make your body stronger and your heart more resilient.

I am here as a role model for what it can look like to be confident, body positive and simply a person in this world who is truly themselves. And yes, I engage in daily mindful actions and movement, I walk the talk. I eat healthy nourishing food and I also have occasional treats when I want, that’s part of life. I am a Mom, Wife, entrepreneur and lifetime student of all things health, nutrition and exercise. Life is good, and I decide to Love my Life everyday.

I am a fan of ALL movement, and all bodies that want to feel stronger and more empowered. I am an encourager and you will find the biggest cheer leader and coach guiding you along your path. Each path is unique. We start where you are at and go from there. Life is about being your fullest self. Helping people on the path to creating the best vision of themselves is what I Love and am meant to do. Trust the process, it works.


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